Mayan Headdress

2015 Mayan Headdress

A collaborating with the super talented Tracy Widdess of Brutal Knitting and Julio Gonzalez to create a Mayan inspired headdress.

Maya Headdress Concept sketch

Maya Headdress Concept sketch


The headdress is that of a scribe. The Maya believed Itzamna, a celestial serpent and patron of writing, invented writing. Itzamna taught writing to a rabbit who in turn taught it to monkey men and the old god, Pawatun, and they in turn taught writing to humans.

The scribes headdress served many purposes such as, carrying the tools of their trade, food and adornment made from native plants and wild life.

Sneak Peak of New works for 2015

Happy New Year!
Here is a look at two of the new mayan inspired pieces that will be available later this year.

This 1st one explores architectural themes and a recurring motif while using a limited color palette



The 2nd one I call Mayadonna. It’s based on a sketch I did after returning from a trip to Mexico. It incorporates what I feel are some of the major visual elements in mayan art on which I have put my own touch.




I plan to make prints available later this year.
Feel free to check out what’s available now>PRINTS

Fall Update

Fall Update

Time to regroup

I recently went to the Austin City Music festival which I booked very early this year. I almost forgot about it due to my hectic schedule work schedule. Getting to see Outkast and taking a break made me realize I need to take some time to relax and start planning for the upcoming year. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to and what’s in the works.

In September, I was part of the RAW Natural Born Artist Showcase held at Terminal West in Atlanta GA. A great event with lots of talented artists. Follow the link to see more photos of select work from the event. WONDER WHAT IF
I recently had the opportunity to give back to the school that gave me my first break when I was trying to find a wall to do a fish mural. The schools motto is Inspire, Empower, Achieve. My friend Scott Partridge helped me install it. Be sure to check out some of his great art work.
So what’s next???I’m currently looking at partnering with a conservation group with the goal of donating part of the proceeds from every fish print. Ideally, I’d like to help do something about the islands of plastic in our oceans.I’ll be spending a good bit of time on re-doing the site to better align with my long term goals for my art.Lastly, taking some time to create some new art!

Take care :)

San Diego Fish Mural

I recently created a new series of fish on masonite boards. These fish are unique in that they were not commissioned and thus nameless. I decided to post the fish sketches on my social media asking for names on a first come first served basis. The person who provided a name would also receive a signed print of the fish they named. You can find the sketches here:

Soon after completing the series a mural opportunity I’d been working on for a year and a half came up. They wanted an underwater themed mural and I thought “I have just the thing”.

Below you’ll see the finished fish and the mural they helped inspire.
The fish series will also be made available at the RAW Showcase in Atlanta GA Thursday, September 25th. For more info pls check out:

Tirtle Fische

Tirtle Fische





Flat Fish

Flat Fish


San Diego GONZA Fish Mural 2014 from Wonder WhatIf on Vimeo.

These fish are swimming!


So I’ve been a bit of a hermit

Things have been interesting but busy.

Currently working on a series of 4 fish that will be used on a mural in sunny San Diego

I was working on new series of fish when a logistical sea opened up for the piece. The owner of the wall loves the water and sea life. I thought it had to be fate.

I usually name the fish after whoever commissions it but don’t have that this time so going to put the sketches out on social media to be named. 1st “name” reply gets a signed print of the fish they named.

July Update


Greetings from Gringolandia

What’s going on and what’s coming up?

It’s been a crazy couple of months. Here’s a peak at what’s going on.

This piece is currently being exhibited at Gallery 22 in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte”Kinich Ahao” A depiction of the Mayan sun god. 

In an effort to give some background to the whimsical aspect of my art I’ve begun to post 4 years worth of cell pics on instagram. One a day. Check it out

I recently completed a fish commission for a friend. This coupled with the early fish sketches I’ve rediscovered on my phone have inspired me to decide to create 4 new original fish on wood panels. Keep an eye our for those.
The Day of the Dead Project is still on going but in a research capacity to focus the theme and visual concept. I still have my fingers crossed that I’ll be awarded the grant I submitted at the beginning of the year. I still don’t get how people are expected plan around grants. lol.

GONZA Skate Deck at Gallery Twenty Two

I will be submitting a skate deck to the “Let the good times roll” group show. Opening reception will be Saturday June 7 at Gallery Twenty Two.

Mayan Sun god skate deck 2014 Julio Cesar Gonzalez

Mayan Sun god skate deck 2014 Julio Cesar Gonzalez



Mayan Sun god skate deck 2014 Julio Cesar Gonzalez

Mayan Sun god skate deck 2014 Julio Cesar Gonzalez