Help fund the next phase of the Día de Los Casi Muertos project.

Dia de Los Casi Muertos or Day of the Almost Dead is an ongoing multimedia project that explores the cultural differences between Mexican and American experiences with death and aging. 

The aim of the project is for contemporary American society to examine their values by confronting the taboo of death – ultimately pushing us to appreciate the gift of life.  

Through video, sculpture, and photography, the 2017 iteration of the Día de Los Casi Muertos project will profile community members of diverse backgrounds. Video interviews give participants the opportunity to talk openly and candidly about their experiences with death. 

This project would not be possible without the many individuals that have come together and given of their time and craft. 

The funds donated to this project will go to pay local artists, performers, video editors, purchase materials, and everything else goes into creating this unique experience. 

Please donate and help bring this project to life

​Marigold making event with PMTNR Crew
 ​Marigold making event at
St. Michaels Episcopal Church
​Video Interviews at The Light Factory
​Video editing by Juan Ossa and Jonathan Mariano
​Body Paint by 
Cheryl Ann Lipstreu
Union Shop
Closing Celebration at